The birds and the bees

A few weeks ago, on one of those bright sunny days in January – you know, the ones where everyone says, “I can’t believe this weather in Humboldt in January,” even though we always have a week or two of beautiful weather in January – I was out in the yard planting herbs. The chickens were running about catching worms and clucking contentedly. The birds in the trees above were sweetly singing. The scent of chocolate mint and freshly mown grass filled the air as I placed small plants in holes, patted dirt around them and gave them a long drink of water. Over the back fence I could hear people down the street talking to one another.  The voices got louder as the people got closer. Nice, I thought, what a gorgeous day for a walk.

“Fuck you bitch!  I said to stay away from my man and you just had to bring your slutty ass over and start shakin’ it in front of him again.”

“Fuck you! It’s not my fault you so ugly you can’t keep a man.”

Muffled screams. The clattering of a knife dropped to the sidewalk. Sirens.

And so it goes. Another perfect day on the westside.


Hi there. Remember me? I’m Kristabel, and I used to write here quite a bit.  Mostly about food.  Oh, and sex.  I haven’t been around for awhile, so just in case you were wondering, here’s what’s been going on for the last few months.

  • I quit my job of 18 years to start a brand new program with no capital and no rainy day fund.  I was going with the jump and the net will appear cliché.  There was no net, but the fall wasn’t too bad.  Six months later almost all the broken bones have healed.
  • My gram died. This Gram. And this gram. I miss her more than I ever thought possible.
  • When you’re completely financially unstable, you should be just like me and buy a house.  It’s a sweet little cottage on the westside of Eureka.  We’ve been planting trees and berries, raising chickens, and we’re making plans for honeybees.  Bring it, zombies.

For some reason I thought that would be a much longer list.

I’ve been thinking about reviving CCX for awhile now.  Not that I think anyone’s still interested in reading, but because I miss writing.  I miss that wave of hesitancy before hitting the publish button.  I miss the delight of having even one person connect with some stupid thing I’ve thought or done or watched and feeling like just maybe the world of technology doesn’t always have to be isolating.  So here I am, with stories to tell, spiked punch to drink and Saturday night to celebrate.  I hope you’ll join me.

Love, Kristabel; foodie, sex maniac and homesteader in the ‘hood

P.S.  Confidential to Mr. Lodgepole Pine: Thank you.

13 responses to “The birds and the bees

  1. I too had become a faithful reader… I figured you got to busy with all the new things in your life to write! Glad to see your back :) I got the pleasure of witnessing a lovely little knife fight years ago in Cutten (it happens everywhere) & called the cops myself… only difference two dumb boys fighting over a naked girl… Thank goodness life goes on!!! Have a great day:)

  2. Funny, I was thinking about CCX the other day and missing you. You have just a beautiful way of telling a story. Glad you’re back.

  3. Whenever I read CCX, I can just imagine myself sitting there, in that same spot, taking it all in, the scene, the smell, the taste, the irony. I have missed you.

  4. You call Ekovox and Ernie. I’ll call Carson Park Ranger and Tapperass…..We’re getting the band back together!

  5. Hi everyone! I’m so happy you’re here. And if any of you are more familiar with wordpress and can help me make the pictures show up on the home page, I’d be extremely grateful.

  6. YAAAY!!! I’ve missed reading your words and living vicariously through your experiences. And for what it’s worth, the e-mail notifications for your new blog posts all landed in my spam filter. You must be doing something right. <3

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