Love and Gratitude

My thoughtful, articulate, sassy, adorable friend Erin of Sublime Speaks posted an update on Facebook today that said “Gratitude makes my heart go pitter pat.”  She included a list of some of the top things that she’s grateful for.  What a list.  After reading it, I couldn’t help but reflect this morning, not on chocolate or flowers or a glistening new bottle of lube, but on the things that truly matter.  And the people I should show love to, not just today, but every day.  Here’s Erin’s list.  I’ve added some of my own things to be grateful for.  It would be lovely if you would do the same in the comments.  Thanks, Erin.  I’m grateful for you.  I’m also grateful for you, dear readers, who keep coming back to check in with my ridiculous ramblings even when life has gotten in the way for a few weeks (that means you Fred.  Thanks for showing your love in your own special curmudgeonly way.)  You make my heart go pitter pat.

Garlic in olive oil on the stove top.
My dog lying on her side, moaning while I scratch her belly.
Big warm feet next to my cold ones.
A proper pint, or 4.
The beautiful differences in all of my friendships.
Making my mom laugh until she begs me to stop.
Wood burning fires.
Fresh chicken eggs.
People holding doors open for one another.
Car dancing at red lights.
Flip flops.
Clean sheet night.
Unsolicited generosity.
Camping…with triple cream brie and vino.
Making faces with my daughter in the bathroom mirror.
People who sing while walking down the street wearing headphones.
The sadness that comes with ending an exceptional read.
Handwritten letters.
Watching reunions at airports.
Lazy Sundays with a diabolical crossword.
Finding that perfect song on the radio that matches your mood.
Rocking chairs.
Laughing uncontrollably.
Art in public spaces.
Playing in the dirt.
Breakfast for dinner.
Being frightened to stand up for what you feel is right and doing it anyway.
Bawdy humor.
Rope swings and rivers.
Oysters and bubbles.
Getting to an age where you realize how hard your parents have worked for you.
Semi smashed PB&J’s in your backpack after a gnarly hike.
Finding money in your pocket.
Blisters on your hands from hard work.
Smack talk during cut throat board games.
Living the life you want to live.

10 responses to “Love and Gratitude

      • I gotta admit, I’ve laughed probably 100 times thinking about. Hopefully you have too. The gift that keeps on giving.

        A big congrats to you and your old man on the gettin’ hitched and such.

  1. Loving my work when I don’t always love my job……
    Learning to cook after 50
    New social adventures in a new town.
    A girlfriend that swears like a sailor/longshoreman/logger

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