Drinking alone while waiting for hot dogs

Yep, that’s what I’m doing.  You see, Mark and I are going on a road trip in a few days to Southern Arizona where there will be sun and….um….cowboy boots and…um…good barbecue and some other fun stuff, and on the way we’re going to stay with my friend Jeff who is awesome and super awesome, but who I haven’t seen in eight fucking years, so I’m really excited, so needless to say, we are a little short on cash right now, and I just happened to have some leftover hot dogs from a beach picnic in the freezer, and so that is what we’re eating, and Mark is insisting on cooking them on an open fire because he apparently hasn’t realized it’s 20 below out there, so he’s out in the yard hovering around the fire pit, cooking hot dogs and broccoli and carrots and generally being his sweet adorable self, and I’m in here drinking a lot of champagne (thank you, thank you Christmas elves,) because I love champagne.  I’ve only drunk a half bottle so far, but I’m hoping to down the rest before he comes in because I don’t want to share, and besides, we’ve got whipped cream vodka he can drink, even though I think whipped cream vodka plus hot dogs might be a recipe for disaster..  Oh, and I’m putting my fire-cooked hot dogs and broccoli and carrots in some Annie’s white cheddar mac n’ cheese, even though that completely grosses Mark out (look at my 80’s lingo) because I love mac n’ cheese with hot dogs.  Because I’m 12.

Hey, is anyone else sitting on their couch hurriedly drinking champagne?  We should talk.  I’m going to drink some more, and then I’m going to tell you about some thoughts I’ve had this week.   See you soon.

I read once that every blog post should have a picture. I like this one.


6 responses to “Drinking alone while waiting for hot dogs

  1. I am really excited to read your thoughts (doesn’t that sound weird? but it isn’t like I’m hearing them) after a whole bottle of champagne. :)

  2. Noelle…are you the Noelle I think you are? Because if you are, I just want to say that you are the most photogenic person I’ve ever seen. Your pictures are beautiful. Not that you’re not beautiful in real life, because you are, but in photos…wow…you are one of those people who look like their gorgeous selves not all eyes closed-doublechinned-weird faced like most people.

    • I am the Noelle that left Humboldt for the Rockies, if that is the Noelle you are thinking of. See, I became really good at self portraits because all the pictures other people were the weird double-chinned, wow-look-how-fat-I-am versions of me. So I am now skilled at being in front of the camera… while I am BEHIND the camera. :) Anyways, I hope I’m the same Noelle you think I am, otherwise that response will be really funny.

      • You are totally the Noelle I thought you were. Cheers! I know we really didn’t get a chance to hang out much, but I miss having the opportunity to hang out with you. Hope things are well. How are the monster drawings?

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