New film: Save the Blocksburg Post Office

My friend Kristin Windbigler has made another fantastic film – this one about the likely closure of the Blocksburg post office.  Kristin uses humor, old photographs, and  history to highlight an issue that could become a huge problem for the people who live in this very tiny, very rural place.  Take the time to watch the whole thing – it’s worth it.  Save 95514!



You can watch other films made by Kristin here and  here.


4 responses to “New film: Save the Blocksburg Post Office

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  2. Very nicely done, Kristin. I enjoyed the history and sense of community. Sounds like we’ll be returning back to the Pony Express or Overland Stage for the 95514.

    Just when I was going to send this Kym’s way, I see she’s already on it this morning.

  3. I love this movie! It’s so perfect, the out house, the cell signal truck dance, the attitude of idiots who think people can “just go to Alderpoint” I was irritated & cracking up at the same time.

  4. I just noticed the tags you gave this, Kristi. You crack me up. Thanks, everyone, for the support. We appreciate it.

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