Reason #3742 to love Humboldt County

Strangers are thoughtful.


7 responses to “Reason #3742 to love Humboldt County

  1. Awww I love the kindness! That is something i would like to know & it might save the life of other drivers or peds cause I freak the bleep out when I hear that buzz !

  2. Does sort of restore one’s faith in humanity, doesn’t it? Someone in Arcata once left a note on my car to warn me my tire looked like it was rapidly going flat and wasn’t safe (indeed, it wasn’t safe, and I hadn’t realized). The bit with the tire sucked, but it was so heartwarming that someone had taken the time to leave the note.

  3. Once I lost my entire purse, money and all in the WINCO parking lot in EUREKA!!! I was so upset and it had my medication in it, it was returned fully intact with the money and a note from the person who found it telling me to call him if X amount was not in my wallet!! I’m tired of the disrespectful people that are moving in though, not to be super negative sorry but I’m a little down about the people coming through that don’t understand the Humboldt spirit!

    • That’s so great, Laura. I had an entirely different experience at Winco. I had my purse in the back little part of the shopping cart, bent over for about two seconds to grab a North Coast Journal, and in that time someone grabbed it and ran out the door. It had all of my rent money in it – in cash – as well as several credit cards that they immediately tried to use at gas stations. Lesson learned, for sure. I’m glad yours turned out so well. I think there are many varied reasons why crime is so much higher now, but I’m with you in that I don’t like it.

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