whipped cream and garlic

Today Mark and I decided to start our day with breakfast at The Boat House  in King Salmon again.  I had heard that a couple of you went to eat there after I did a little post about their fabulous waffles and that the Boat House Babes wanted to give me a waffle – on the house.  Who could turn that down?

We walked in the door, and my super secret cloak of pseudonymity must not have been working very well, because they knew who I was right away.  After Mark put in his order (a corn waffle covered with sausage gravy), Tina went in the back to start working on a waffle they had created just for me.  Isn’t that the sweetest thing?

I was not prepared for the plate that was set on the table.  Clearly, the Babes have some kind of wild waffle mojo happening, because they made one that fit perfectly.  It was really nutty (macadamia….mmmmmm), slathered in whipped cream – chocolate whipped cream at that, drizzled with chocolate syrup, and is apparently too high maintenance to be on the regular menu.  Sorry….you can’t order a Kristabel Special, but there’s plenty of other great stuff.   Plus you’ll be right next to the beach so that you can take a long walk (or, as in my case, a waddle) afterward.  Thanks, Boathouse Babes.  We’ll be back.

In other food and friend news, one of my favorite blog commenters, Lodgepole, sent me a beautiful braid of garlic that we’ve been enjoying for the last few months.  (Hey Lodgepole…where ya been?  Is it the lack of posts about Saturday night?)  Today we took the rest of Lodgepole’s garlic as well as a bunch that Mark grew this summer and pickled it.  And by we, I mean that Mark peeled garlic for two days until his fingers were red, raw and stinging, while I spent an hour boiling some water.  Thanks, Lodgepole.  There’s a jar on the counter for you.


7 responses to “whipped cream and garlic

  1. Oh, the Boathouse Babes have struck again. When choosing between a sweet or savory waffle, the Kristabel Special leans waaaaaaaayyyyyy toward the sweet. But, We’re very curious if they would think of creating a nacho waffle for our old friend Ekovox. Nachos with jalapenos.

  2. Will have to try the Boat House – I’m not really one for breakfast but macadamia? I’m so there. Tell me, though, how do you use pickled garlic? And nice cloves, by the way.

    • Hee hee. Thanks. As for what to do with them….they’re really good eaten right out of the jar. I could also see them in dips and sauces or put on baguette slices with goat cheese. I diced some up and put it on homemade pizza tonight. I believe my coworkers will be giving me a wide berth.

  3. Nice looking jars of garlic there k-bel and Mresquan. I’ve got some of this year’s garlic for you guys, and i’ll try my best not to send it postage due. It’s a different strain than the last batch I sent. A tasty variety I picked up at the coop a few years back.

    Yeah with my garlic patch and the Saturday Nights I’ve been busy, but I’m still around. Glad to see you posting again. Impressive garlic peeling.

    • Let’s do a trade. We can leave unmarked brown paper bags for each other behind a certain dumpster in old town thus avoiding the whole postage thing altogether. By the way, you still owe me a drink for that. :)

      I was impressed with the garlic peeling too. Plus, his hands have smelled like garlic for about five days now. Yum.

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