Public Service Announcement

Happy National Nude Day!  Yes, it really is a holiday, and you should be celebrating, so go ahead – take your pants off.

According to a description on Holiday Insights:

National Nude Day is a serious event. There are a sizable number of nudist groups around the world. They are not perverts. Rather, Nudists believe that the body is a beautiful thing, and meant to be displayed. Nudist colonies, nude beaches, and other venues exist to cater to the preferences of individuals who seek to walk around “au natural”.

See?  It’s serious.

In other news, you should totally eat here this weekend.  The Boathouse Espresso Bar and Eatery got some new owners a few months ago.  They’ve spiffed the place up and added to the menu.  The coffee comes from Muddy Waters and the corn waffles come from heaven.  You can get plain and corn waffles stuffed with all kinds of things from chocolate chips to chili and bacon.  They also serve biscuits and gravy, all different kinds of hot dogs and ice cream.  The “707” comes with 7 scoops, 7 toppings, whipped cream and nuts.

Here's Mark stealing a bite of my delicious corn waffle.

Plus, the owners are really nice people who are trying to make a really nice gathering place for the really nice yet quirky King Salmon community.   There’s free wifi and you get a 10% discount if you’re a student or work for the PG&E plant.  They’re also showing some rockin’ local artwork.

So there you have your helpful advice for today:  Get naked.  Eat waffles.

You’re welcome!

21 responses to “Public Service Announcement

  1. OK, so it’s not National Dude Day (which I was totally up for) but National Nude Day (which I’m not, it would scare the horses.) Interesting. I realize it’s too cold in Humboldt to have a nude beach (talk about nipples), but I bet there are plenty of Humboldtians who love to run around nude. outside. around other nude people. wow.

  2. I used my Ipad to look at your blog for the longest time before I started using mydesktop to check it out.. No comparison. The Ipad sucks for blogs. ooooooh. that sounds naaaaasty. and I still prefer National Dude Day.

  3. Does anyone besides me think that the REAL perversion is that this group has to declare themselves “not perverts” because they enjoy going naked? PS: I continue to dig what you do, Kristabel!!

  4. Thanks for the info on The Boathouse. I loved that place when it served bbcue and their little patio on the canal is sunny but sheltered – just like my favorite nude beach, but a lot closer to home.

  5. Ok. It’s been a month now without any new posts on this blog. Time to roll this place up and shut ‘er down. No sense in clogging up cyberspace with a dead blog.

  6. I’m a binge blogger. I wait and wait and wait and then post three or four in a row. It’s just how I roll. Don’t pretend like you don’t love the anticipation, Fred. xo

    P.S. Soon. Camping, trailer trash bashes, rattlesnakes, swimming, road trips, pie, turtles, wasps, blueberry beer and Saturday night.

    • You babes are so great! I loved my visit there and want to come see you soon. Especially after my friend Sandi told me that you’ll create a special waffle just for me. Is it true? I’m super excited about that and can only imagine what the Kristabel Saturday Night Special would contain…. Hope business is going well – you deserve a ton of success!


      • We went yesterday morning and had lovely corn waffles, a hamtoastwich dealiebob, sausage and coffee. Even better, we had the chance to chat up the Babes at the Boathouse. In our conversation, they mentioned they were in the Waffle Laboratory creating a special Kristabel creation to name after you. We can’t wait to taste the results. We were the only couple in the place and were treated like royalty. And this is on LABOR DAY! Thanks for the mention of the Boathouse to tempt our tastebuds.

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