Getting back to basics

Drag queens aside, there have been some serious posts around here lately, and I think it’s high time to get back to what this blog is really all about.  That’s right – food and sex.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much to say about the latter.  I just realized that 2011 was the first time since Chocolate Covered Xanax sprang into existence that I didn’t write about May being National Masturbation Month.  Says a lot about the past year, doesn’t it?

Why are you snickering like that?

So let’s move on to food.  It’s finally summer, and we’ve actually had a few sunny days in a row.  On Saturday Mark and I (You may remember that we had a big shake up and didn’t get married.  We’re working on it.)  went to the Arcata Farmers Market in the hope of finding some elusive fava beans.  It was a great success.

We also got to shop for big beautiful red onions right next to T. Great Razooly and his friend, who was dressed in a shiny hot pink mini dress and stiletto heels.  I don’t believe that T. Great goes by T. Great anymore, but he’ll always be T. Great to me.  The band on the plaza was playing Brick House.  It was one of those perfect Humboldt moments.

After traipsing through some shops to find Mark a sweet vintage Hawaiian shirt, we headed home to figure out what to do with all of our gorgeous produce.   We decided we’d make an artichoke dip and sauteed fava beans; we’d steam the squash and roast the beets and carrots and serve them with goat cheese.  As for the cucumbers and onions, I had big plans for them.


Bread and butter refrigerator pickles.  Sweet and spicy, crunchy and tangy, who could possibly resist these pickles draped on roasted homemade sausages from the Loleta Meat Market?  Not me.  In fact, I think bread and butter pickles can be slathered on just about anything.  Present company included.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for the recipe as I need to make sure the experimental pickles are tasty before passing it on.  Plus all this warm weather vegetable fondling is too much.  I’ve gotta get to bed.

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