Ferris wheels and roller derby girls….

Crabs players and corn dogs.  Strawberries and pirates.  And so much more.

The Redwood Acres Humboldt Made Fair started today, and it’s already shaping up to be a lot of fun, as well as a great showcase for local businesses.  I’ll be there as part of the booth for  Essence of Humboldt.

We have super cute screen printed tea towels from Yotl Designs,

and adorable felted creatures by Jessica Lily Designs.

My Carnival Girl Designs line of jewelry will be available with lots of new pendants, a few inspired by some of my favorite people.

Please stop by and say hello.  We’re in the building with the wine and beer.  Of course.

Oh, and if you’re afraid that the whole fair has gotten all upper crust and everything, don’t you worry one little bit.

You can still get cheap plastic crap, eat funnel cakes and pay 20 bucks to win a 10 cent goldfish that’ll die before you even get it home.  Yay!

Hope to see you there.


5 responses to “Ferris wheels and roller derby girls….

  1. I like what they did this year with the fair, I hope it went well for you… and I too need a new CG necklace. May be a good excuse to get together for beers.

  2. JJ…we’ll figure it out. I miss you!

    Bekki….who needs an excuse to get together? Not me! As for the fair, I like what they did too….to a certain extent. I thought the Humboldt Made building, the businesses, the Farmer’s Market and all the other local people/events were great….the only problem is that the majority of people who come to the fair….who want the rides and the funnel cakes and the plastic swords….are not all that interested in the Humboldt Made part of it. And the ones who are….are not really that interested in the plastic swords, etc….but don’t want to spend $10 just to see a showcase of local stuff (cool as it may be.) My feedback to the Humboldt Made folk (who did a wonderful job) will be to either have a different venue altogether – without the fair – have it be a one or two day event and have admission be free. Or still have it be a part of the fair, but have a special Humboldt Made day with free admission. I just don’t know. Truly, I wish we could have our own version of Portland’s Saturday Market or the numerous other places that combine Farmer’s Markets with arts/crafts/food vendors/music, even if it’s just one or two times a summer. I guess you could consider the North Country Fair something like that….but that’s not really my thought. Maybe we should go have a beer just to clarify my thought. Or not. I mean the clarity, not the beer. We should definitely go have the beer.

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