The best time to get your Saturday night (revised. again.)

is on a Wednesday afternoon when the yellow lupines are enveloping the entire South Jetty with the sweet scent of the tropics or maybe something closer to home, and someone has thoughtfully built a tiny driftwood structure and tucked it into the side of a dune so that it’s completely sheltered from the wind, and the sand is warm under your back as you lie looking through the gnarled slats of the roof marveling that the sky is, in fact, not grey, but a brilliant blue.  It’s easy for things to get carried away on a Wednesday like that.

I know it’s been awhile, but you remember the tune.

Bomp Chicka Bow Bow….Chicka Bomp Chicka Bow Wow…..

6 responses to “The best time to get your Saturday night (revised. again.)

    • Hey there. Are the Manila dunes covered in yellow lupine like they are at the South Jetty right now? The air is just thick with them, and it smells amazing. I felt like I was in a Wizard of Oz poppy field. xo

  1. I remember Johnny Lee having that hit in 1980 from the movie Urban Cowboy…..Sing it with me everybody……”Lupine for love in all the wrong places…..”

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