Casa de las Gallinas Gorditas

Last Saturday my little happy hippie house got a bit more crowded than it already is, at least for a few weeks.   These three hens-to-be are temporarily shacked up under a warm light in my bathroom.  For the chicken inclined, there’s a Buff Orpington, a Plymouth Barred Rock and an Ameraucana.  Here they are at 5 days old.

Cheeping and peeping, they run around kicking shavings and bits of newspaper into the air.  They fight with each other over copious amounts of chick food and cuddle together for naps.  I could watch them all day.

Here’s Frida getting caught up on her reading.  She’s quick and flighty and yearns for artistic freedom.

Here’s Guadalupe.  She squawks loudly when you pick her up, but within a few seconds of rubbing her head, she’s asleep in the palm of your hand.  She’s sweet and mild and just like our blessed holy mother, sometimes weeps for no reason.

I don’t have a solo shot of Rosa.  This chick is a rebel.  She’s stubborn and rowdy and very smart.  There’s no way Rosa’s getting forced to the back of the coop.

Here they are today – 11 days old.  Their tailfeathers are coming in nicely, and they’ve been regularly testing out their wings.

There’s nothing like fuzz therapy to make the day better.  And omelette dreams.


23 responses to “Casa de las Gallinas Gorditas

  1. They are SO cute! I know Ameraucanas lay blue or green eggs, but what about the others? I’ve only had Rhode Island Red chickens and am partial to brown eggs because they look more homegrown.

      • If they were being fed the usual industrial diet, they’d be ready for market in a couple of weeks. Scary, no? Hand raised chickens are sweet. I’ve known some who even have dog friends they cuddle with to sleep. My sister, a vegetarian whose hens die of old age, doesn’t have individual names for her chickens, just the collective name of “girls,” which said in the right tone brings them all running for their daily treats from the garden.

  2. Ok. Once again it’s been over a month since any new posts here. Normally I’d say it’s time to roll up this blog and shut ‘er down as we don’t want to clutter up cyberspace with a dead blog. But, since tomorrow is Doomsday, maybe you ought to try and make one last post. After today it won’t matter.

    • Awwww, thanks Fred! And since you and I will probably still be here once the rapture occurs, I’ll save my “Shut-the-fuck-up-this-is-my-blog-and-I’ll-post-when-I-want-to-and-if-you-don’t-like-it-take-a-flying-leap-off-a-tall-cliff” comment for next time. Love ya!

  3. I was kinda hoping for a guide as to what to what for tomorrow’s big event?
    Any suggestions?

    • Well, omr, I have conferred with Keri on this very important subject matter. Our suggestions are:

      1. Palazzo pants and espadrilles (they’re very in for spring)
      2. A leisure suit
      3. A white ribbed tank top, striped knee-high socks with sandals and one of those knitted beer can hats
      4. Nothing.

      One of these choices must be to your liking.


      P.S. Thanks for the info. about donkey milk. I’m still trying to…ahem…digest it.

      • Thanks a bazillion for showing up to help me through what may be my last day on earth– or not. I am kinda on the cusp, but I think my attire is going to make the difference.
        I will have to go with option 3, the tanktopped Dr. Seuss look, with no pants? hmm
        Option number 1 is out because I never was a matador and I don’t have those clothes in my wardrobe. 2 and 4 are the same for me, so it is 3 by default. Thanks!

        I am gonna miss commenting on your blog, so do you think you could ouija me every now and then?

          • Yeh, I am still here. I been laying low with embarrassment. Sorry, but no pictures, it all happened too fast…but it wasn’t like Ernie’s description. I didn’t get any white flowing hair, I still looked some kinda mountain man Fabio right off the cover of one of Jen’s books. And the robes were only for the angels.
            I puzzled why Ernie and I might have had different heavenly experiences, and a friend suggested that we create our own heaven.
            Anyhoo, it was a shock to find out that this was not the big event but a sorting of the wheat from the chaff. While waiting for my interview I innocently noticed how flattering the heavenly backlighting was through the diaphanous robes of the angels. It was like a red light had gone off over my head– I was quickly pulled aside, put on their no-fly list, and returned to planetside. Boy did I feel winnowed!

            So, thanks again for the wardrobe suggestions, in this case the clothes don’t make the angel. Or maybe I shouldnta added the lederhosen at the last minute.

  4. Man, I’ve gotta change the settings for replies. That’s just hard to read. But SO worth it. Olmanriver, your comments always make me giddy.

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