Did you hear that?

Date: February 9, 2011

Time: 1:00 p.m.

Place: a Eureka beauty salon

A woman sits innocently in a plastic cape waiting for her hair to turn Marilyn Monroe blonde while several hairstylists whirl around the salon.

First hairstylist (as she comes running out of a room in the back):  That’s it!  No one is allowed to bring fish for lunch anymore.  The whole place smells like fish now back there, especially the bathroom.

Second hairstylist:  Maybe it wasn’t anybody’s lunch.  Maybe there was a prostitute back there.

Third hairstylist:  That reminds me of this customer I had once.  She got pregnant by her ex-husband in the bathroom at Adel’s.  She was so happy it was a girl so she could name it Adel.


10 responses to “Did you hear that?

  1. I bet there were more than a couple of babies conceived at the old Vista del Mar. That was a wild place back in the day.

  2. You were at the Hairport, weren’t you? LOL!!
    I think Samoa Beach might be too long a name for a kid….wait..did I say that outloud?

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