Bounced checks, poetry and road trips

Last night Jacqueline Suskin set up her Poem Store: Your Subject Your Price in Eureka Books, writing instant poems on an old school typewriter.   The North Coast Journal’s Bob Doran got a video of her in action.

I asked her to write me a poem on the subject that has hit a little too close to home lately: bounced checks.  She said it was the first time anyone had asked for a poem on that subject

I wasn’t expecting it to be so poignant.

I cried, of course.

Bounced Checks

As to show us that money

$$$ is just an idea, a

funny dream in language

and symbol that can hold no weight and so bouncing

seems appropriate as if only paper and light

can make the right song

of nothingness that we

so hang upon to live.

Jacqueline also just had a book published.  She’s trying to raise enough money at Kickstarter for a cross country book tour.  I so hope she makes it.

Thank you, Jacqueline.


5 responses to “Bounced checks, poetry and road trips

  1. If I ever run into her I’m going to have her write a poem called “Postage Due”.

    Did you pay for your poem with a check?

    • Ha ha ha ha ha…… you crack me up. Here, I’ll write you a poem myself. It’s a haiku.

      post office surprise
      made sweeter with postage due
      pay up with liquor

  2. Awesome. Thank you for sharing, K. I love Jacqueline’s poetry — and that she’s a hunt-and-peck typist. Doubly sexiness. Will definitely support her.

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