Full moon ramblings

I love walking around Loleta at night.  Often people leave their curtains open, and I get a glimpse of their lives inside.   I love looking into the house with dead animals mounted all over the walls and the tiny but homey motel rooms filled with Mexican families and food.

Walking down the alleys, I set off motion sensor lights and make dogs bark.  If I walk down one certain alley I can look in the back window of the bakery and watch the pastry-making magic begin.

On certain streets the air is thick with the sweet aroma wafting from grow houses.

If Mark is with me, we sing that crazy little “Three more days ’til Halloween…” song in scary high-pitched voices from the horrible Halloween III movie as we walk by the Old Creamery Building.  You knew it was filmed in Loleta, right?

There are always about fifteen cats to pet along the way.  They run right out into the street and plop their fuzzy selves down in front of you, rolling over so you can pet their stomachs, purring the whole time.  Loleta cats are a friendly lot.

When I’ve seen all I can see, I head back home to my tiny little cottage.  I pull the curtains closed and turn off most of the lights.  I wouldn’t want any of those freaky night walkers peering in my windows.



13 responses to “Full moon ramblings

  1. Ooooo….you just wait until next December. I’m sneaking over in the middle of the night with every glittery garland and crappy plastic decoration I can score from St. Vinnie’s and turning your house into a magical Christmas wonderland. And then I’m gonna get all my friends to carol on your front lawn every morning.

    I love you, Fred.

  2. Sure enough.We were heading into Old Town.Looked like Mason and the family must have had a yard sale yesterday.

    • Not quite a yard sale but that’s what I thought it was when I came home. That was all stuff they wanted to get rid of so put it out by the sidewalk with a “Free” sign on it. They do that about a couple times a year.

  3. One of my rules in life: never pass up a cat willing to be pet. Sounds like Loleta is my kinda place for a stroll.

  4. The walk is a little less steamy now that the recliner has been removed from inside the bus stop shelter…..big time boooo to whomever removed it.

  5. Night walks are surprisingly more revealing, I think, than day walks. You guys are making Loleta seem so much more….what is the word….naughty? I REALLY like it now!

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