Dear Santa,

I’ve been such a good girl this year….alright, most of this year…..okay, well I tried….except that one time….you know how it is, Santa, sometimes it just feels so good to be bad.  I know you really like the naughty girls best anyway.

There’s only one thing on my list:

These fabulous ABBA nesting dolls! There’s even a big Agnetha and a small one.

Thanks, Santa.  I’ll have a cocktail waiting.




10 responses to “Dear Santa,

  1. Santa,
    I know you read this blog, (who can resist it?) so I thought I’d take a minute to mention that I would like a blue satin Shaun Cassidy jacket like the one you brought me when I was in the fourth grade (just a teensy bit bigger though please). I may not have a stellar record this year, but I did give three new toys to the (rather handsome) young Marine at the mall & I would have done it even if he’d been ugly.

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