Did you hear that?

Date: December 4, 2010

Time: 2:00 p.m.

Place: Cafe Brio, Arcata

Two women are sitting at a table by the window enjoying conversation and coffee.

Woman 1:  He degraded me every single time we had sex!

Woman 2: Really?

Woman 1:  Yeah.  He couldn’t even get aroused unless he was humiliating me.

Woman 2: Wow.

Woman 1: I gotta tell you, it’s going to be nice to have someone who’s not calling me a whore when we’re having sex at my mom and dad’s house on the damn Mickey Mouse sheets.


10 responses to “Did you hear that?

  1. I love the related post!!Maybe the rooms at the Windmere Country Club are donned with Mickey Mouse sheets.West Orange Republican Women, Federated is somehow aligned with discussions about degrading sex…Bizarre

  2. Right, because the humiliating sex language loses all meaning if the couple is doing it on Mickey Mouse sheets. After all, there’s no way she’s as big a whore as Disney.

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