Thank you for the Ernie-ism

A little over two years ago I was at a low point.  My marriage was ending, I was moving from a place I fiercely loved, I was questioning everything and everyone – especially myself.  I wrote a little post at the time, partly to express my feelings, but mostly to reach out.  I was desperately looking for connection – advice, criticism, sympathy – anything to make me feel like I wasn’t completely alone.

As has happened so often in this Humboldt blogosphere, I was overwhelmed with the kindness of strangers.  One comment in particular stood out, and for a few months I clung to it, reading it every day and hoping it would someday be true.

Kristabel…been all those places, done all those things. You have my complete sympathy, now take my advice. Some day again you will be so happy that you wont be able to remember how sad you once were, and when you don’t think that you can go on, live for tomorrow, it always comes. You will be happy!

It still chokes me up.

One day, about six months after writing that post, I was driving down the road and singing along to the radio, happier than I can remember ever being, and suddenly I was struck by a thought: Ernie was right.

Tonight there’s a smart, beautiful, incredible woman – my best friend for over twenty years – who is questioning everything and everyone, and most likely feeling very alone.  But she’s not.

I hope she’ll read Ernie’s sage advice – every day if she has to – until she, too, no longer remembers the sadness she’s feeling right now.  And I bet it won’t take nearly as long as she thinks it will.

Humboldt County's ugliest pedicures courtesy of some drunk sadist (just a little comic relief for Bumblebee)


8 responses to “Thank you for the Ernie-ism

  1. I love you my friend, I love our two left feet and I love you are in my world making it all better. I will read Ernie’s note everyday and hug and cry on you less and less.

  2. Kristabel
    I’m sorry that I haven’t been by here for a while, I’ve been busy. (Poor excuse) But, it also gives me great joy to say “I told you so”. I’m glad that you hanged in there!

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