Name this place and win a fabulous prize!

I snapped this warning photo on one of my summer journeys.  Can you guess where it is?  The first person to comment with the correct answer wins a prize.  I can’t tell you what it is, but rest assured….it will be fabulous.   Don’t be scared.

And no, the sign wasn’t put there for me.  I know better than to drink and dry.


32 responses to “Name this place and win a fabulous prize!

  1. It’s a laundromat no doubt, but I’m guessing at an inexpensive independently operated motel or RV park.

    Are there points for noticing the photographer was Photoshopped out of the picture?

  2. Well, knowing you … I’m guessing this sign was at a laundromat somewhere in the Hyanpom area. What’s my prize? I’d probably love a piece of chocolate-covered Xanax!

  3. I don’t know where this sign is, but…

    If I were washing away my troubles with liquor, I wouldn’t need to use the laundry anyway, so fuck em.

    This post made me laugh really hard, by the way. I love laudromats SO MUCH.

  4. Hey, Jen, I love laundromats too. And have been known to hang out in them for far longer than necessary. Your comment made me snort.

    Lodgepole, that’s a really good guess, but sadly, incorrect.

    Here’s a hint: This place is located right on a highway…but not on any of the highways of the towns that have been mentioned so far.

    • That’s a good guess too….I could see it on the door of the laundromat next to the Big Chief. But no…still the wrong highway. Thanks for playing.

  5. Lodgepole is such a smarty-pants. I was going to guess Mad River but, since I don’t go up that way very often, I’m betting this is the laundromat I was picturing. The ambiance seemed right.

  6. Thanks for the compliment Beachcomber. If we were relaxing at a blogger’s picnic I’d give you a hug.

  7. Um, is it the Hoopa Laundromat? Did I win? Lodgepole, you won’t want that prize. It has girl germs on it.

  8. Oh Fred, shut up.

    Some of us have been on an extended vacation….lying on the beach in the sun, drinking beer, eating fish tacos, etc. Not to rub it in or anything.

  9. So I go to the Post Office to pick up a parcel today. It’s christmas and all so I’m thinking gifts from the inlaws or some such. I give the lady my parcel notice, and she disappears in the back to retrieve my package. And she’s gone for a long time….When she finally returns, with box in arms, she has a funny look on her face. She says “I need some ID.” So I show her my ID. Then as she shows me the name on the box she says “Is this you?”. I looked down at the name that says Lodgepole, and I’m like WTF? “Uh, yeah that’s me.” She smiles and hands me the box. Inside the box was a beautiful bottle of Limoncello and a jar of homemade peach jam. You missed out folks, so try harder next time. Muchas gracias, K-bel.

    • Ha! Thanks for sharing that. You see, I realized, as I took your package to the post office, that I had your address, but I didn’t know your non-blog name. I could have gone home, emailed you, done it right, etc…..but what’s the fun in that? Plus, I didn’t want to wait another day. Sorry I’m such a lush/flake/procrastinator. I hope the limoncello gets you through the holidays. xo

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