last night’s dream

I had a dream early this morning that I lived in some dark grey city in some dark grey apartment building with a row of dark grey mailboxes at the top of a narrow winding staircase.  I opened my mailbox to find a stack of bills I couldn’t pay – not unlike non-dream life – and a postcard at the bottom.

I held the front of the postcard up to the window next to the mailboxes.  They shared the same view.  On the back was a note – messily scrawled, almost unreadable – and a piece of packing tape placed over a browned bit of flower petal.

Dear Kristabel,

A woman came into the post office today carrying a big bunch of white carnations.  They were soaking wet and dripping all over the floor.  She said she had picked them out of her bathtub.  She put them on the table, sat down, reached into her purse and started eating them with a knife and fork.  She was a messy eater, and she smacked her lips a lot.

From Rosie, your mailmanperson

P.S.  Write your own stories.


8 responses to “last night’s dream

  1. You do write your own stories. When you blog, that is. Ahem.

    Perhaps your subconscious would like you to get back to work once you’re done digesting all that is floral and grey.

  2. Grey indicates being uncommitted, uncertain, having a ‘grey area’, depression or the mental denial of emotion. It is a common color in relationship dreams where you suppress your feelings. For example, dreaming of your fiancé wearing a grey wedding dress shows that you suppress your feelings. The problem here is that when you are not in touch with your feelings, you are unlikely to be aware of it. Only when you do a therapy to restore that connection will you have a frame of reference to know what the difference feels like.

    Grey clouds can indicate depression, either present or imminent.

    A grey fog indicates you cannot see your way from where you are now to where you need to go with regard to the subject matter of the dream.

    Have fun:

    • Funny you should appear here, Dave. I had a dream about you a few nights ago and kept meaning to make contact. We were sharing one of those double papasan chairs and an apple fritter. Now what would Jung say about that? (I don’t want to know about Freud.)

  3. Fascinating. I love these sorts of dreams. I wonder what it means that Rosie had to correct her original assertion that she is not your mailman, but your mailperson? I mean, what does it mean that she made and corrected a mistake she would never make in the first place? And why isn’t a mailman called a mailmale, anyway? I guess we just have to embrace all of life’s little mysteries.

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