What About Joe?

We’ve heard all about the big win in the Mike vs. Mike race for sheriff.

The Times-Standard broke the news. Hank gave it a mention.  Heraldo was on it.

Everyone’s talking as if Mike Downey is the only candidate to have won with greater than 50% in a contested race.  But he’s not.  Joseph Mellett won the election for Humboldt County Auditor-Controller with a huge 68.77%!

What….is an auditor just not sexy enough for you people?  Geez.

Well I, for one, want to acknowledge that kind of victory.  Congratulations, Joe!  Good luck with all those numbers and taxes and other things too horrible to imagine.  You’ll do great!

Photo swiped from Bob Huck.

H/t to Mresquan, who actually cares about this stuff.  Love you.


10 responses to “What About Joe?

  1. You should become his walking partner when he takes his regular stroll for his lunch break,Taps.I am sure that’s what he was doing when Huck nabbed this photo of him.

  2. Sorry, but CIA guys don’t wear clothes with colors that clash like that. He would be wearing a suit of one color scheme.

    Just a little Spy fashion for your ass!

  3. You’re right Tapperass, I didn’t think of that. Also, he wears Dutch clogs. Definitely a Terminator. He’s gonna be a bad-ass Auditor/Controller, I tell ya.

  4. Bad-ass, yes, I know this from personal experience! We are lucky to have him. He is more of a caped-crusader/super hero type, though, than Terminator.

    (And honestly, he can make accounting a sexy thing.)

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