An open letter to Paul Hagen

Dear Mr. Hagen,

I thought I would continue my week of giving purely unsolicited advice with a helpful little hint to you.

When you’re speaking on the radio, please keep in mind that there are people listening.  Real people.  The people who you said you would listen to and get to know in order to learn what is most important to them.  People like me.

People like me do not use phrases like “exactitude of causality.”

Maybe you were trying to stump Mr. Gallegos, but really, it just made you sound like a pompous ass trying a little too hard to prove how smart you are.

That’s all.  Happy Campaigning.



7 responses to “An open letter to Paul Hagen

  1. Well, yes, you’ve got a point there. He also didn’t compare managing his future staff to herding farm animal into trailers which is still making me snort.

  2. I have met all the candidates.

    Jackson is the worst candidate.

    Gallegos is equally the worst candidate.

    Hagen is the only good candidate.

    He has more experience in more DA’s offices than Gallegos and Jackson combined.

    He does not suffer from an overblown sense of his own self-importance, which is a problem common to Gallegos and Jackson, though all of them do speak legalese.

    I think Mr. Hagen will be a great DA for this County.

  3. A very nice gentleman from the Re-elect Gallegos campaign came by our house last evening and posted a sign on our property:

    Re-elect Paul Gallegos
    Safety Justice Integrity
    Vote June 8
    Your District Attorney

    I am honored to support our District Attorney, Paul Gallegos!

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