8 responses to “Reason Number 1,328 to love Humboldt County

  1. This is just precious! Do you think the Craigslist poster will get many responses and any that it will believe? We fairies all know that elves don’t exit.

  2. And what were you looking for on craigslist when you stumbled across this, may I ask? Is there an Elves Wanted section?

    Very occasionally, I read Missed Connections and think there is a short story in every one.

  3. dearest K’bel, sometimes its hard for a poor Suzy girl to figure if your tongue is in your cheek or someone’s ear. I’m trying to be as naive as i can cuz naive is now in…
    but i’m just sayin’ — if one were to google around you’d find there are some old school elf-realization weekend workshops offered out there that can help to boost a person’s elf-esteem. Everyone can use a little boost to there elf-esteem doncha know, and so i will be attending as soon as i figure out what to wear… that’s always the hardest part.
    OK gotta run –back to google, i’m checking out the alien elf connection. It’s like –are the little green men we’ve all heard about really from Mars? i’m not so sure anymore, I think they may from soHum.

    Workin’ on it.

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