Those anti-gay marriage folks sure are a queer lot…..

First there are these people (and I wonder, since the letter starts with “I” if Freeman just added Teresa’s name to the end to make sure readers know that he’s definitely not gay.  And that he only has sex in order to make babies. Male babies. Who will then grow up to be soldiers.  Soldiers who take steroids and play baseball and then get married. To women. Or something like that.  Wait…what?)

And then there’s Rep. Nancy Elliott from New Hampshire.  Apparently she’s not aware that many straight people enjoy anal sex.

When she asks, “Would you let that happen to you?”, who, besides me, thinks the woman on the right is thinking, “Hell, yes!”?

H/t to Fred and my favorite Loletan


22 responses to “Those anti-gay marriage folks sure are a queer lot…..

  1. Can you edit the video so that “Do You Take It In The Ass”by the Wet Spots plays in the background?
    But Wow.This lady made me speechless for a little bit.

  2. Yikes, she took the romance out.

    Um, I wonder if she ever realized she was conceived by some man sticking the thing he pisses with into her mother…

    Hetrosex can be ugly if you frame it in the wrong context, too.

  3. At first I wasn’t sure if it even was Fred. I’ve never seen him express his views about porn or anal sex before. But then I saw the “should of” and knew it must be him.

    Hee hee heeeee. Just teasing, Fred.

    • Hey, no harrassing Fred about should of. That is authentic Humboldt speak. I remember being in the Berkeley English program and having a teacher gently explain that should of wasn’t real English. I’m still indignant.

      • Heh. Sorry, Kym. You’d think as a fourth generation Humboldter (Fortucky, even,) I’d get over it. It’s not in speaking that it bothers me. I mean, really…it does sound like should of. It’s the writing of it that I just can’t get past, even though every time I write should’ve, my spell checker makes that ugly red line. So I guess I’m just going to have to let go.

        Now, can we please get back to the real topic at hand….anal sex? I loved the point you made. And what about this wiggling? I’ve heard thrusting…pounding…ramming….but wiggling? I believe Ms. Elliott has a lot more to worry about than gay people getting married.

  4. Hey, I just read this in the Concord Monitor:

    Gay marriage will remain the law in New Hampshire, after legislators yesterday rejected two bills that would have repealed it.

    The New Hampshire House rejected a constitutional amendment that would have defined marriage as between one man and one woman by a vote of 201-135. It then rejected a bill to repeal gay marriage, 210-109.


    • I thought NH was supposed to be puritanical and California was supposed to be about letting people behave naturally. California needs to take some lessons.

      • Actually, NH is the Live Free or Die state, and was chosen by the Free State Project as the place where libertarians had the best chance to move to to create a libertarian state.

        As an aside, when I was on military duty in Saudi Arabia, we had a handful of guys from the NH National Guard in our unit. I was lucky to have a number of them in my squad. I realize you can’t stereotype people from particular states (or at least you shouldn’t try to) but the NH guys were some of the most easy going, likable, guys I’ve ever met. Very pleasant people.

  5. I watched her, and then I watched her again… “all of us, that could happen to you”
    Really, could it really? It could just “happen” to me? Like, say I’m in a book store and suddenly it could just *wiggle wiggle wiggle* “happen”?
    I’m of to Booklegger!

    Ahhh… thanks for the giggles with my tea.

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