Ding dong.

Oh, hi!  Welcome to our new home.  Come on in, take off your shoes, close the door behind you and leave your large expensive gift on the coffee table.  Pour yourself a limoncello.  Or some champipple, if you prefer.  Here….try these homemade marshmallows.

Sorry about the mess but Kristabel and I just moved in this weekend so things are still in boxes stacked up all over.  Why’d we move?  We needed to grow, expand our horizons and we just plain wanted to shake things up a bit.

Here we are in Gold Beach together at a writer’s conference.  We’re getting inspired…..revitalized….tipsy…..prune-like from the hot tub….and suddenly we realized that blogger.com just isn’t satisfying us like it used to.  Don’t get us wrong, we’re loyal kinda broads but a girl can’t just fake it all the time.  Plus, we’re sick of all the damn spam.   Anyway, as we enter our 40 years on this planet and in the spirit of other celebutants, we decided we needed a little face lift.  We’re going to iron out some of our own wrinkles, suck in our guts and do a lot more shoe shopping.

So, make yourself at home but please…don’t cook crab in our kitchen.

Happy Valentine’s Day with love from Chocolate Covered Xanax.

12 responses to “Ding dong.

  1. Stick your fingers in your ears and ignore Heraldo. I don’t want you to change. (PS I tucked a gift certificate for a new hot tub into the virtual card–Can I use the virtual tub sometimes?)

  2. Insert loud high-pitched completely immature squeal here

    Thanks! Jen and Kym….you girls really know how to give gifts! And you’re both welcome in the CCX tub. We’ll make super special limoncello drinks with the diamond-encrusted cocktail shaker!

  3. Okay, you are updated on my blog-roll.

    From the commenters standpoint I don’t like Word Press. If you make a mistake, it is almost impossible to rectify, then you need the co-operation of the blogmaster. It’s sucky for someone like me that makes a lot of mistakes!

    Is there any way to make comments blipable???

    Oh!, Welcome to your new place!

    • Hi Ernie….thanks! You know, that’s one of the things that bothers me about wordpress too. So far, I don’t see any way to make comments removable to the person who wrote them, but I could be wrong. I totally know what you mean though. I make plenty of mistakes myself and have had to embarrassingly ask other bloggers to take down a comment or two.

  4. our sisters who art on wordpress
    heraldo praise thy name
    as crab leg and troll egg cooked forthwith
    shall be ate on earth as it’s hot in oven
    give us this day our daily blog
    and forgive us our typos
    as we forgive those who proofread agianst us…
    lead us unto the spanking bench
    and deliver us the virtual pizza
    for thine is the internet
    and the blogosphere
    for ever and ever amen

  5. WordPress is just better for a number of reasons, not the least of which b/c there’s no need to affirm my status as a member of the elite class that is the age of majority. The “administrator” can delete any comments, which s/he may do after a properly self-deprecating private message. Finally, WP just plain looks better.

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