Did you hear that? (Double Bonus DYHT week)

Date: December 8
Time: 12 p.m.
Place: Cafe Court, Bayshore Mall, Eureka, CA

A somewhat neurotic man and a very helpful woman are eating cheap Chinese food and chatting.

Man: I’ve been wanting to put my computer out in the living room instead of the bedroom, but I’m afraid that when the neighbor kids jump on the trampoline they’ll be able to see the porn through the window.

Woman: Well, you could hang a curtain.

Man: Good idea. Did you know that I always clear all my private data everytime I get off the computer? All the history and everything.

Woman: Why? So your dog won’t see what you’ve been looking at?

Man: I’m afraid that if a burglar ever comes in my house, he’ll steal my computer and then see all my porn.

Woman: Huh. I think you should just stick a note on it that says, “Dear Burglars, please don’t judge.”

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