I can’t wait to read about me later on your blog

Maybe it’s because I love show tunes. Maybe it’s because I’m a little twisted. Maybe it’s because Big Hands and I might just possibly be the first Humboldt blogosphere love connection. Or maybe Tuesday’s just boring. At any rate, thanks to crossgirl, this video has had me laughing and humming to myself for the last hour.

Hmmmmm. The whole thing won’t show on my screen, and I’m technologically challenged. You may have to go to the site to view it. If anyone knows how to change this and make it work, please let me know. Slowly and with small words.


6 responses to “I can’t wait to read about me later on your blog

  1. Or maybe it's because you got yourself a sweet new cowgirl hat on a sweet weekend away with Big Hands, who just may dig your strange and sweet ways.

  2. That made snort and laugh my friend and I have watched it 5 times at least now. Good find!!! and ohhh you got your cowgirl hat, well giddy up! See you Friday.

  3. You win the award for using the word sweet three times in one sentence, mresquan. You're so sweet.

    Bee….can't wait to show you my cowgirl hat tomorrow. Yeeee haw.

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