For Kristabel: Guest post from New York

OK, so probably not my best work here, but really, what do you expect on my quick break for lunch? Thinking of you.

Goodbye Bladder of Gall

Sung to the tune of Elton John’s Goodbye Norma Jean

Goodbye Bladder of Gall
Though I never really knew you at all
You had the task of concentrating bile
When organs around you would call

The stomach, pancreas and liver
All whispered, “Yo, get to work.”
But you just sat there smiling
For a non-vital organ, I guess that’s a perk

And it seemed to me, you lived your life
Like a lazy dog in the sun
Never wanting to leave the porch
Not even if there was fun

And I’m pretty glad that you’re gone now
And left like you did
The surgeon tore you from my guts
Before I ever could

11 responses to “For Kristabel: Guest post from New York

  1. Hee hee!
    Uh oh, now the tune is stuck in my head.
    Anyway, best wishes, and get well soon!

  2. I hope Kristabel’s story turns out better than Norma Jean’s or Princess Di’s! Yikes.

    Best wishes, girl.

  3. Hehe Troy,

    Friend was singing it in bed on Sunday when I was visiting. Very nicely done.

    hugs to you as well.

  4. holds lighter aloft and sways. *sniff*

    I evicted mine last Sept. Maybe they’ll meet up in evil, painful, mutinying, stupid organ heaven.

  5. Thanks everybody! It is definitely a huge relief to have that traitorous beast gone.


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