Just a little blog pause

Chocolate Covered Xanax will be in a holding pattern for a bit while I get a badly behaved part ripped out of my body.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with exciting tales of the cleanliness, caring and culinary delights of St. Joseph Hospital.

I suppose I should wait until after the surgery to be so sarcastic.

In the meantime, Heraldo, Carson Park Ranger and Carol have all assured me that to honor my absence they will be posting their most outrageous Saturday night fantasies.


21 responses to “Just a little blog pause

  1. Anything for you, K-bel.

    But what’s getting ripped out? When is your date with the knife? Does your room have wifi?

  2. If I tell you my room has wifi, H, does that mean you’ll live blog from my bedside? I only wish that was as kinky as it sounds.

    Kym! I’m trying to save you all from drug-addled posts. You’ll thank me later.


  3. Well, maybe if you’re really lucky, St. Joe’s has a spanking bench for misbehaving patients. It IS a Catholic institution, after all, and we know how strongly they believe in corporal punishment…

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  4. <>gasp<>

    Heraldo! You make me feel all funny and tingly and jiggly and foofy and stuff.

    Sorry, Carol…can’t help myself!

    Wow, Cristina, I hadn’t thought of that. Drugs…spanking bench…the hospital stay’s sounding better and better!

  5. Well, I hope it isn’t a very important part, or a very serious operation.

    Also, I hope that they leave you plenty of misbehaving parts to misbehave with.

    Speedy recovery!

  6. Update:Our little tart queen is doing alright.In the midst of a little rough recovery for a moment,but in short time she’ll be spanked back into tip top shape.In the meantime,these big hands have a lot of caressing to do.

  7. Hope you get to keep the misbehaving body part in a jar or something to show us when you’re all better. Be well!

  8. Looks like your sense of humor hasn't been damaged.

    Glad to see you 'round here! Hope you are back to "normal."

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