Friday night mix

What do you get when you mix four bloggers, a barbeque dinner, a case of Great White, some leftover vicodin and two dozen eggs?


My favorite is the deviled egg. Happy Spring!


11 responses to “Friday night mix

  1. JESUS IS COMING HIDE THE EGGS!!!i know its getting old-i’ll stop yelling it after tomorrow :)beautiful eggs dear

  2. If the Easter Bunny has a naughty and nice list, I’m not sure where your name would be….I suspect on both. These are great and I, too, like the deviled egg.

  3. Long Leg Egg, though short-lived, was very creative mresquan. Your skills are eggceptional. Sorry. Just can’t stop.

  4. Those are some mighty fine eggs. I like to imagine myself rolling into work with a couple of 666 eggs for breakfast the next morning. And then I start maniacally laughing.

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