Your helpful tip for today.

Here in Humboldt we’re all concerned with reusing, recycling and reducing our carbon footprint, yes?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I had never thought about how my use of ….ahem…adult playthings was affecting the planet. Until today, that is, when I happened upon this site: Recycle My Sex Toy

We’ve all been there. New batteries installed. Lights down low. Mood music on the stereo. And just when you’re totally ready to get down with your bad self, you hear a sickening thud. A slow grind to a complete halt signaling a very sad, not to mention frustrating, end to a trusty friend.

But what to do now? Throw it away? Make art out of it? Use it as a towel holder? Fortunately, this company will take your gigantic rechargeable Rock-Your-World Jack Rabbit and turn it into playground mulch for the kiddies. They’ll even send you a $10 gift certificate so you can buy a new one.

You’re welcome!


15 responses to “Your helpful tip for today.

  1. omgosh thats really really great, ive gotta huge couple of boxes of old toys that i was gonna make art or something from but now i can make some money from them instead that is sooo cewl and green. i cant wait 2 go 2 to spend the fortune ill be making.what goes up cums around,s

  2. This is so helpful and hilarious and, okay, a bit disturbing. I will NEVER be able to look at the mulch at my children’s playground in quite the same way.

  3. What I wrote on my FACEBOOK page: Katie Lejoi is covering her mouth as she giggles & smiles…. (Why I love my friend, Kristabel, 'cause she writes about things I'd never think to.)

  4. Well, now, THAT’S helpful advice! Unlike most of the advice I get… and it’s inspiration to, er, go wear down my JackRabbit.

  5. I always wondered what that playground mulch was made of…. I laughed so hard at this line “get down with your bad self.” LOL!!!! You are as cute as a button.

  6. Maybe someone could use them to make doormats like the doormats made out of used flip flops.

  7. It seems like the motor could just be rebuilt, with extra horsepower if needed, instead of trashing the whole chassis.Recycling it when the engine dies doesn’t seem that eco-groovy.

  8. Kris…I think this is my favorite line from the website: <>While we clean all toys upon receipt, we would greatly appreciate it if you wash your toy with soap and water before shipping it to us.<>You all kill me.And Lodgepole…some of us aren’t quite so handy. Help a girl out, will ya? I love your idea…especially the part about adding extra horsepower. Please send me your mailing address.

  9. “It seems like the motor could just be rebuilt…”That’s why I’ve always advocated gas-powered sex toys

  10. Lodgepole to Wife: “Well I was trying to help a blogger friend out for Christ’s sake!…..It seemed like a good idea at the time.”

  11. CPR…oh, the visuals. Vroooom. Heh.Lodgepole…I think you underestimate your wife. Who wouldn’t appreciate skills like that?

  12. Holy Barbarella, CPR! Seriously, K, it’s “greener” to reuse than to recycle (I would love to see the hat racks Suzy could build). Booth at the Farmer’s Market this summer?

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