17 responses to “The Absolute Best Time to Get Your Saturday Night (Revised. Again. I can’t help it .)…..

  1. I don’t mean to be underwhelming, but you ought to try a Nooner, at home preferably.An alley? I guess, if you’re not really that into the sex…

  2. Hmmm. How about a Nooner on my desk at work instead?I mean, that wasn’t an invitation or anything, just a substitution to your suggestion. Oh dear. I’d better get back to the alley.

  3. These receptors I have fend off jealousy and in turn can amplify your lust.Now it’s your turn on that spanking bench!!

  4. Speaking of nooners, my own Big Hands and I just watched “The Big Sleep” a few weeks ago. The scene where Humphrey Bogart (whose supposed sex appeal had previously escaped me) and Hot Bookstore Girl exchange some saucy dialogue and then close up shop for the lunch hour? Mmm. Mmm. MMM!

  5. I love those old movies that left something to the imagination.Don’t get me wrong though, filth may be charmless, but it can be compelling.

  6. <>“I love those old movies that left something to the imagination.”<>Yeah, me too! They are disgustingly wicked and evil, the girls are all nasty, they use positions that only an contortionist could get into. They do things in those movies that people could go to jail for nowadays. They scream and holler, and do the chicka-boom until they can’t move any more. Um… I imagine that was the movie that you were talking about wasn’t it? My bad, if not.

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