Did You Hear That?

Date: March 10, 2009

Time: 5:30 p.m.

Place: a Fortuna laundromat.

A man is talking very loudly on his cell phone in the middle of the laundromat.

“Really? You found it in her room? She admitted it was hers?”

Long pause.

“Well, it sounds like you need to decide what you’d rather have – a daughter who’s a tweaker or a daughter who lays around on her bed and does nothing. Either way I’d ground her. For at least two weeks.”

6 responses to “Did You Hear That?

  1. The irony of grounding the “daughter who lays around on her bed and does nothing” apparently is lost on the caller.

  2. I like the confident recommendation of “at least two weeks”. There’s an experienced dad, I’m sure.I remember when people used to enter an enclosed booth to make a phone call in public and cell phones were “car” phones: for emergencies. So what’s the opposite of “eavesdropping”, when you allow your private conversation to be overheard? Dropeavesing? A creative performance artist could really have some phun with it!

  3. “So what’s the opposite of eavesdropping…”Good question. If it doesn’t exist, then we must invent one. I’ll submit it to Awaywithwords (a syndicated radio show, available as a podcast).

  4. Remember Sniglets on “Not Necessarily The News” on HBO? That’s where “spork” came from.

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