Fed Ex: A Covert Operation

For the past several days I’ve been housesitting for a friend who lives on one of the busiest streets in Eureka. It’s not a very tough job and consists of feeding the cat, sleeping in the giant comfy bed and bringing in the newspaper and mail. Oh, and spying on Fred (that’s not really part of the job, just a bonus.)

Yesterday I arrived at the front porch to see that Fed Ex had paid a visit and delivered a couple of packages. Realizing that it was a busy street, the delivery person very carefully hid them so they would not be observed by casual passersby.

And just in case I happened to miss them, there was also a note left on the door.

Super stealth, guys. Good job!

6 responses to “Fed Ex: A Covert Operation

  1. I think that perhaps he wasnt trying to hide it but cover it with the mat so that it did not get wet from all the rain. At least thats what I hope was his reasoning.

  2. That is too funny. At least give him props for trying to be stealth, lmao! The “under mat” comment set me over the edge…

  3. Such a funny story. I’m sure the bad guys in a 1930’s silent picture would hav been fooled.

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