Just a tiny little sappy pre-valentine’s day post

Two weeks ago I was lying naked on my stomach on a really comfy bed in San Francisco with my eyes closed listening to the city sounds outside the window. It was late afternoon and warm in the room; I was tired and the cacophony of sirens, cars honking, people shouting and cable cars clanging was lulling me into a near-sleep state.

Suddenly ice cold water plunged over my neck and down my back, soaking both my ample torso and the sheets I was lying on. I sat straight up screaming “Damn it!” and looked crabbily at my roommate, a cute tall guy with big hands who had accompanied me to the city and who was suspiciously holding a large empty glass.

“Sorry,” he muttered sheepishly with a sideways grin and a shrug of his shoulders. “I thought it would be sexy to dribble a bit of water on your back and lick it off…but it didn’t quite work out that way.”

And in one small dorky moment of humanity I began to think that happily ever after may not be quite as elusive as I’d thought.

11 responses to “Just a tiny little sappy pre-valentine’s day post

  1. Aww that is sweet! My husband liked to dump a cup of cold water over the shower curtain on me to show his love and affection! LOL I got even but he was kind of mad that I put ice cubes in the water and then dumped them on his head! ;-)

  2. My radar detects an “I heard that on the horizon”….Love you, glad your having fun and continuing to dwell in possibility. It’s a nice place to be isn’t it?E

  3. So much for the prospect that there was dirt on the OG’s grave.Welcome back (but not really)-boy

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