Bigfoot ate my internet connection

When I moved to my funky little cabin in Loleta, one of the things that made me happiest was a close unsecured wireless internet connection named Loletalag. Since I’m still paying off a contract I no longer use with a nasty satellite company, pilfered internet is the only thing within my budget.

Several weeks ago the Loletalag connection suddenly disappeared. At first I thought that perhaps the owners had gone on vacation or that maybe something was wrong with their computer, but with a heavy heart I’m sad to report that Loletalag seems to be gone for good. My days of free stolen internet are over, which is also the main reason for my blog slacking.

I have so many stories to share, so I’ll do what I can when my boss isn’t looking. And if you know any good wifi hot spots around Loleta and Fortuna, let me know. Especially if they’re in close proximity to cheap alcohol and/or strong coffee.


12 responses to “Bigfoot ate my internet connection

  1. Hey Earnest, You’re not the guy at the Gilded Rose with the Home Depot jacket and the Ten Ways Beer is Better than Women t-shirt, are you?

  2. If you have a lap top, you can come over to our house and use the wi-fi. And yes, the Gilded Rose has a sign that states free Wi-fi. Maybe a lap top party at the Gilded Rose soon. No, Kristabel and Mresquan, I mean lap top not lap dance!

  3. Too bad that Humboldt Hotspots web site went by the wayside. I found this other wifi web site, though, and it shows that Fortuna’s Hot Brew is supposed to have a public wireless connection. Of couse, that’s a bit distant from Loleta. might try a search for Loleta using your own address. I tried it just using Loleta, CA and got no hits.Too bad these kind of web sites aren’t utilized more.

  4. There’s wi-fi at the Gilded Rose??? Oh dear. Thanks, Greg. I think.Thanks for the info., Fred. I had a dream about you the other night. You called me on my cell phone and yelled at me that I was stupid. It must be your profile picture entering my subconscious.Carol…but…but…we love it when you lap dance at the GR!

  5. Get dial-up! Sending money to Texas corporations (AT&T/Suddenlink) every month rewards the very people who spearheaded our destruction, dammit!

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