Another year better

Somebody is having a birthday. This somebody is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. To me she’s like warm, melty ice cream on a hot cherry pie or a dip in a refreshing lagoon in the tropics. Yeah, she’s like that. And for just one day I hope she knows how much I love and miss her. Happy birthday beautiful, this one’s for you!


18 responses to “Another year better

  1. Wait, I thought her birthday was last month. She told me the spankings were tradition. She looked far too young to be 69 but I did what she asked because she said it was her birthday. I feel so used!

  2. Damn! I knew I’d get caught for that whole 69 spankings trick. It was totally worth it. Don’t pretend like you didn’t enjoy every paddle-breaking minute, Heraldo.Thanks, Ker. Frida singing is just the icing on the birthday cake.xo

  3. Uh, I think it’s Kristabel’s birthday. Happy day. I hope you get everything you want and we all know what that is.

  4. “Wait, I thought her birthday was last month. She told me the spankings were tradition.” Well I think that when it comes to being a willing recipient of a present such as that,she finds that every day is like a birthday,I guess.Has anyone guided you to your daily dose yet?Happy birthday,and many more… you *** ** *** *****and beg **** ** **** more,**** ****,and well here’s to many,many more.

  5. Now I remember our conversation at the Gilded Rose – your birthday is the same day as my mom’s birthday!

  6. Why is it that everone is confused, and nobody seems to remember the conversations at the Gilded Rose?I must have really missed a fine party!

  7. Carol was just trying to uphold the “What happens at the Gilded Rose stays at the Gilded Rose” pact. Although I think mresquan blew it with that birthday song he created after a few too many rounds. You should definitely join us next time, Ernie!

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  9. Happy birthday to you.Happy birthday to you.Happy birthday dear Kristabel.Happy birthday to you.What a <>great<> song!Well, I’m off to pay the fee to the owners of the copyright.

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