Shameless Blog Promotion

If you’re still looking for the perfect holiday gifts, or if you just need something pretty for yourself, don’t miss tonight’s Design Collective show at the Accident Gallery. The Design Collective is a series of shopping events that celebrate Humboldt County’s local design talent. The Holiday Collective is the 3rd in the series and last for the year!

Like a certain other blogger, I am also a jewelry designer in my spare time and will be there drunkenly hawking my wares. Because there’s beer. And food. And a DJ. And admission is free. So it’s a good time whether you’re shopping or not.

Here’s Shane and Monica. Monica is wearing one of my pendants featuring a piece of vintage sheet music that says “Pretty Baby,” which she is. (I blatantly stole this picture from Greg without even asking because I’m bad. Very, very bad.)

You can see more of my stuff here, but I really hope to see you tonight!


13 responses to “Shameless Blog Promotion

  1. I can attest to K’s pretty designs…I bought one featuring a Ferris wheel because it screamed Boardwalk memories in SC for me.

  2. Well, despite a slow night, it was at least fun. Fun especially to see you and Boy and meet Kym! Like a little Blogger meeting. :-D

  3. Jealous, very jealous, that I missed this and thus missed an opportunity to meet some people I like from afar! But I practically had to pry myself from my computer at 10 pm to go to a party. Your jewelry sounds great! I’m going to go look at the link now.

  4. I love them!!!!!! I saw some like this in the Nesting Place in Eureka last year (were they yours?) and loved them. I bought all the supplies to make something like it, but haven’t gotten around to it. I have a vast collection of old books and images. Maybe I should buy myself a Christmas present, one of your pendents. :)

  5. I love the necklace I got from you and the keychain from Monica. I can’t wait to see the faces of the people I bought them for. I know they’ll love them. And my family all enjoyed the place. Several gifts were bought from other vendors. The girl my son likes is getting a beautiful bracelet from another vendor there.Thank you for helping us get our shopping done.It was great to meet you guys and Boymostlikelyto, too.

  6. Oh, sure…..don’t come to the Rio Dell Bloggers Picnic but,invite all of the girl bloggers to your little mini bloggers convention/jewelry show. I somehow feel cheated. I don’t know how, but, somehow I feel cheated. It’s because I’m a guy blogger, isn’t it! Hey everybody….me and Ernie Branscomb are having a cussin’ and spittin’ and crotch grabbin and snot slingin’ contest/blogger’s convention at Mingo’s Sports Bar in Rio Dell…coming up…um…really…um soon. (Honestly, if Ladyfriend and I had known sooner, we would have dropped by. I have purchased some of Monica’s jewelry for my daughter and I’m sure your pieces would add to her ensemble.)

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