seven things….

Thanks to Eko, for giving me something to write about besides my melodramatic personal life. He seven-things tagged me, and it’s been so much fun reading about everyone else that I just can’t resist playing. Here’s seven things you might not know or might not want to know about me:

1) I dream almost every night about carnival rides, water or carnival rides in water. I’ve never sought out interpretation because I truly don’t want to know the meaning. I’m afraid they’d stop.

2) Though several people have tried to teach me, I can’t drive a stick shift.

2) I love my scars, my stretch marks, the bump on my nose and miscellaneous other body oddities. I love them on other people too. Perfection is so dull.

3) I hate doing the dishes and am always tempted to just throw them out the window when they stack up. I’d rather do any other chore – even clean the toilet or unclog a sink – than do the dishes.

4) I was psychically tuned in when I was a kid. On my sixth birthday the phone rang. I said to my brother, “That’s Aunt Teresa, and she can’t come to my party.” And that’s exactly who it was. When I was nine I repeatedly dreamt that my grandma was standing at the kitchen counter taking medication from a bottle, and I was trying to scream at her not to but no sound would come from my mouth. She later committed suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills.

5) Even though I disagree with them on just about everything, I find the Fortucky rednecks drinking whiskey at The Playroom highly entertaining.

6) I cannot do hallucinogens. Pot gives me panic attacks. LSD makes bugs crawl all over my body. Mushrooms make me curl up in a fetal position on the bathroom floor for two hours. That’s why I stick to booze.

7) I have nearly died three times. The last, in 2000, I was less than two hours from death from pneumonia gone septic when I made it to the emergency room. I think it’s why I’m never afraid of change.

And in the spirit of keeping things going, I tag (Sorry if you’ve already been)

Keri (Has anyone seen my cousin? This blog has become the Kristabel show. Where are you????)
Rambling Jack
Katie LeJoi


13 responses to “seven things….

  1. 1. I used to live on a boat.2. The only trade I have ever learned, apart from journalism, is stonemasonry.3. I have been interrogated by the Cuban secret police.4. My dream vacation is to drive the length of Canada, west to east, with my family.5. I am a high-school dropout.6. I wrote a patch that was < HREF="" REL="nofollow">accepted into Django trunk<>.7. I’m the one who finally found my father’s body, but I will never be sure how or why he died.

  2. You wrote, “I hate doing the dishes and am always tempted to just throw them out the window when they stack up.”.Just use paper plates, instead. Think of the time you’ll save.

  3. I love reading these things. It’s a good reminder of how human and vulnerable we ALL are.Kristabel, you’re very fascinating. Your carnival ride dreams!! I hope they never end or get interpreted. I have great dreams, too, like complex movie plots, and so I love to sleep.I never did understand why change scares some people so much. Getting stuck in a rut seems much scarier to me.

  4. Wow, that’s a good seven interesting points that make up your personality. Especially the carnival rides in water part.Interesting… one has tagged Heraldo.

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  6. <>1. I don’t like games. I never play cards or scrabble or charades or tag or whatever. I go sit in the other room and daydream as I pretend to read. If I do play, I don’t play by the rules. 2. Is this tagging thing an artform? Wm Burroughs said art is a virus. Or something. I think I feel a little sick right now. 3. I always count to three over and over again when I’m brushing my teeth.4. I lied about #3.5. Being in this confessional booth feels nearly as smothering as having one’s head wrapped. 6. But I’m liking it almost as much as being strapped to a spanking bench! 7. (censored) <> Deep breath of fresh air — mmmm!

  7. I knew the Headmaster of Headwrapping School would not disappoint. I don’t play games either. Unless drinking’s involved, of course.Indie…didn’t you write a post once about feeling like a gypsy? I totally related.xo

  8. Kristabel, I like your rule about games. We could have drinking be a vital component of all games played by adults. Scrabble as a drinking game, for instance sounds pretty darn fun. Yes, about the gypsy thing. But having kids finally situated me a little bit. If I had no family ties, I would travel the world. The biggest irony: both my kids HATE to travel and are serious homebodies.

  9. You are correct about the Fortucky’s The Playroom.Greg and I got thrown out of Jon’s Club in Fortucky for speaking into the microphone during Karaoke. It is a badge of honor.

  10. A wee gift for you, found in the day’s wanderings…You ‘could of’ if you “would of”But I don’t think you “should of” –Those words, dear scribes, are not the ones to use.The little grammar terrorsArise from hearing errorsWhen ears slur sounds and thus your minds confuse.It’s an auditory actionThat confuses the contractionOf ‘ve (for “have”) pronounced in spoken word.Written: could’ve/would’ve/should’veHeard as: could of/would of/should ofPlease pen the words as WRITTEN – not as heard. _____Sage Amante©2008

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