The Absolute Best Time to get your Saturday Night….

is definitely not on the beach in Dubai.

Thank god Baker’s Beach is still safe.

Bomp Chicka Bow Wow…Chicka Bomp Chicka Bow Bow…

Mmmmmm hmmmmmm.


16 responses to “The Absolute Best Time to get your Saturday Night….

  1. Actually this is a nod to my adorable friend Erin and her adventures at Baker’s Beach.But if you see my libido running around, please catch and return it.Thanks.xo

  2. Hey, Eko…I saw you on the street today and tried to turn around to say hello…but by the time I did you were gone. You must’ve been chasing my libido.But I’ll see you next Friday night, right?!

  3. Dang….I usually hang out by the County Library with my streetwalking co-workers. I guess you’ll have to wait until next Friday evening to use my services. Will Squirrel be along, too?

  4. Sorry Heraldo, there ain’t gonna be no bloggin’ or picnikin’ when Kristabel, Squirrel and your ole pal Ekovox all get together. And guess what…there’ll be a whole room full of folks joinin’ in with us. I was kinda wishin’ it wasn’t just an 18 and over deal…coz I was wantin’ Ladyfriend and her youngun’s to join us too. Nooooo, it ain’t a Saturday Night deal…but, a Friday Night with 50 of your friends is darn tootin’ almost as good.

  5. There are several nude beaches from San Francisco to Santa Cruz. I went to one once with some frends when I was 18 and was proposed to by a surfer dude from Hawaii. I said, “Thanks, but no thanks.”It was a wierd experience, so I stopped going to nude beaches.

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