The R-Word

Check out this fabulous PSA by the ARC of Virginia, the ARC of Northern Virginia and Blueberry Shoes Productions in response to Tropic Thunder.


6 responses to “The R-Word

  1. One thing I found particularly dismaying about this situation is how these incredibly rich and privileged Hollywood types and some sycophantic reviewers just couldn’t seem to fathom what the fuss was about. In their own self referential and self reverential show business bubble they didn’t consider the implications of what they were saying.They just took it as a given that they were entitled to casually slur some of our most vulnerable citizens.Just saying that it was satirical and “politically incorrect” is not an adequate excuse.Nowdays, “politically incorrect” is often used as a euphemism for plain old fashioned bigotry.

  2. Ah, Kristabel, I see we are researching the same places. I received the video link from one of board members of B.U.D.S of the Redwoods, the local Down syndrome society group.Good to see it flying around the web.

  3. As far as Tropic Thunder goes, thier exuse that “this is just satire” doesn’t wash. Rich privileged actors thoughtlessly crapping on the disabled has been the official policy of the state of California since the days of Ronald Reagen. Our current Governor and legislative allies ardently follow this trend as well. How many disabled people will be denied going to the doctor or dentist just so filthy rich show biz guy Ben Stiller can have extravagances written off of his taxes?It’s not “satire” it’s more like adding insult to injury.

  4. How in the world do they get away with the “black humor” excuse? That never works with my mother. This video is awesome. Hollywood completely misses the mark here.They’re so used to getting away with poking fun at other groups, they didn’t even think that stupid movie was wrong.I had no intention of seeing it and now I’m doubly glad.

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