Welcome to ABBA Ranch, King George

King George, previously of my favorite Boy Most Likely To…arrived on Friday. He was a little bit shy at first and spent one worrisome night hiding in the closet, but today he seems to have made himself right at home.

I find myself just calling him plain old King and singing him ridiculous cat versions of Elvis songs. You ain’t nothin’ but a tom cat…. eating all the time…. I’m sorry, Boy.


12 responses to “Welcome to ABBA Ranch, King George

  1. Now you’ve got me <>all shook up,<> Heraldo, you hunk of <>burning love,<> you.Please <>don’t be cruel,<> I just want you to <>love me tender.<> After all, <>a fool such as I<> just <>can’t help falling in love<> with you.<>It’s now or never,<> baby.

  2. Thanks, Susan. I think the mice are running scared.And anonymous…you mean a room at the <>Heartbreak Hotel?<>Hee hee hee hee heeeeee. I crack myself up.

  3. Has the King likened to your sweet love of tranny Elvis impersonators yet,Ms.Kristabel?Regardless,he indeed does look quite content.Kudos to you for your kind act of rescue.

  4. Hey mresquan,That thing at the bottom of your keyboard is called the space bar. You ever thought about using it?

  5. Now THAT is a happy cat. And you and Heraldo crack me up. Is Heraldo suggesting he’s a cat? A kitty cat?Kristabel, get your flogger honey. I think Kitty needs some scratches.

  6. King George seemed happy with boy, but you are his mommy now! What a cutie!Alfie likes me to sing him songs. Of course we sing the song, <>Alfie<>, but he also likes <>Hello, Doggie!<> sung to the tune, <>Hello, Dolly!<> last night he enjoyed, <>Dog,dog,dog,dog,dogie boy!<> sung to the tune of <>Barbarann<>. But James Brown’s <>Long Tall Sally<> is one of his favorites!

  7. Jen…I don’t know what Heraldo’s suggesting, but one day I’m going to find out.Carol…you crack me up.

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