Book Review

The other night I had dinner with my friend Wren – something we haven’t done in far too long. Wren is an amazing woman in so many ways. She always helps me to remember that we must constantly remain open to whatever life brings our way.

And look what life brought my way via Wren. A new book! Wren swears by it and has insisted that I pass it around to all my other girls when I’m done…those inclined to care about tickling pickles, that is.

I’ve only made it through chapter two (titled “Meet the Penis & The Land Down Under), but so far it looks pretty good. Of course I can’t be sure yet as I don’t have a pickle. I mean, I don’t have a pickle attached to my body. I mean…well, never mind. I don’t know who Dr. Sadie Allison is, or how she became such an expert on the subject, but she seems to really know what she’s talking about.

I think my favorite part of the book is that it is filled with random shaded boxes called “Sadie Sez.” Interspersed through the different pages of fascinating facts and technique advice are these little gems filled with extra Dr. Sadie pep talks like the following:

Do you know the ONE technique that elevates a great blowjob into an outstanding blowjob? Enthusiasm. More than paint-by-the-numbers know-how, true oral sex artistry comes from wrapping energy, emotion, joy and rapture into your orgasmic masterpiece. Try it!

I can almost imagine Dr. Sadie jumping up and down and waving pom-poms above the headboard, can’t you?

I also love the cover and think it’s very appropriate. After all, who hasn’t practiced zen and the art of stifling your gag reflex on a kosher dill?

12 responses to “Book Review

  1. I just don’t know how to respond. I mean, aren’t pickles usually stumpy and warty and tapered at the tip?

  2. <>Sadie Sez — More than paint-by-the-numbers know-how, true oral sex artistry comes from wrapping energy . . .<>Headwrapping School will be investigating this concept.

  3. Wouldn’t a banana be a bit tastier?And Kristabel,you should write an addendum about this experience on a spanking bench.

  4. Gag reflex has now come up between us twice in one day Kristabel. I’m not sure what the universe is trying to say…How’s your tummy?xoxoxoxoxoxo

  5. hokay, you have my attention. ‘specially with that last tag. Wren didn’t happen to live in Portland about a zillion years ago, did she? Hard to see how a gal with such compelling attributes and interests could be single.Aside from the stupendous stupidity of men, I mean.

  6. Y’all just make me snort.Hey, gulo, how in the world would you know that from just the little bit of information I wrote about Wren? Or is that just a lucky guess?

  7. Well, I’d have to agree. Not that I’m speaking from experience. Much.LMAO Stumpy and Warty!!!! Of course, pickles give you a better idea of firmness and texture…..I’m saying too much aren’t I?

  8. i’ve always preferred twinkies to pickles. or bananas. they have that sticky cream filling you know.

  9. I’ve always practiced using a frozen Big Stick. I like to buy one and enjoy it on my 30 minute drive home. You’d be amazed at the looks I get while stopped at a red light or being passed once on the freeway!

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