The Winner

This was a tough decision. Some of you really….ahem….rose to the occasion.

Some of you…no need to mention any names…obviously needed a cocktail to lube your creativity.

Some of you were more interested in your own entertainment (Dancing in stilettos on our birthday? Um, no. Lying on our backs in stilettos while you feed us chocolate-dipped strawberries? Um, you bet. Take a note for next year.)

Our girls Erin and Bee made us shed a little tear with their thoughtful words and beautiful gifts, but they get to share in the chocolate covered joy anytime they want already.

So…it was a tie between Eko’s 9 to 5 fantasy of Heraldo hog-tied in the back of a limo…yum….or the mysterious Anonymous’s trip to NYC to see Mamma Mia on Broadway.

Dozens of phone calls and a cousin-on-cousin wrestling match later we had a winner:

Congratulations, Anonymous! (It was the “cheeky devils” part that really gave you the edge.) Here’s the winning entry in its entirety:

For m’ladies: All expenses paid trip for two to NYC. 5 star hotel accommodations, wonderful wine and sumptuous meals, shopping, donuts and abundant massage/spa time. Tranny club hopping, limo ride to Harlem for a spanking from Bill Clinton (oops, projecting) and Mamma Mia on Broadway baby.
Happy Birthday you cheeky devils.

Follow the link in my profile to send us an email with your mailing address. The big prize is just sitting here waiting to be mailed to you.

Thanks for playing.


11 responses to “The Winner

  1. Oh, stop pouting, pick up a pen, and make yourself a little note for next year. Do you want a consolation prize too?

  2. Thank Goodness for your contest. It was nice to see a contest in which Ekovox actually stood a chance.-boy

  3. <>You are so right.And you know where you can put that consolation prize!!<>Ewww! Somebody thinks it’s going to be a butt plug.Who wants chocolate pudding?-boy

  4. Whew….good thing I left out the part about the B&M’s Brown Bread. Hey, 2nd isn’t half bad. That makes me the King of the Losers!

  5. Great Eko! It is yet another consolation since King of the Humboldt Bloggers has been taken already. -boy

  6. <>I can’t believe I didn’t win.<>Wait…being hog-tied while I’m dressed like Dolly Parton and sticking my stiletto heel in the small of your back isn’t prize enough?

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