Weekend Blog Crush

It might be the gin and juice I’m drinking tonight, but I find Doggerelface absolutely hilarious.

This brand spanking (hee. I said spanking.) new blog has taken on Leo Sears, ex-chief Murl, an infamous Humboldt archetype and today….our own sweet Rose. All in mad rhyme.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’ve just gotta have it doggy style.

Blogging that is, perverts.


5 responses to “Weekend Blog Crush

  1. I <>love<> doggerelface. I’m proud to share with everyone a < HREF="http://eurekastandard.blogspot.com/2008/06/californias-austrian-governor-scolded.html" REL="nofollow">signed original<> which is displayed in my galley.

  2. I like galley. It makes you sound like a pirate. Arrrrrrr.Please don’t make me walk the plank, Captain Ranger.

  3. Gurl doncha just luv it when a pirate extends his spyglass at yuo? omg! LOL –but Kbel — judging from the icon pic –Suzy bets Capt Ranger is big–big–BIG truoble LOL- The kind that Suzy likes ! OOO I bet hes really got a hook!!!hey id tell yuo the hole story –LOL– but im late– i gotta go stuff a pillow wiht parrot feathers.oxoxoxS

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