Hitchcock: 1991 – 2008

Rest in peace, fuzzbutt.

21 responses to “Hitchcock: 1991 – 2008

  1. I am very sorry. Up in Feline Heaven, he and Pancake are swapping stories about us.-Boy

  2. Precisely why I love you, H.Thanks, boy. I’ve got a little goodie bag (complete with super expensive holistic pheasant and caviar cat food) for King George.xoxoxo

  3. He obviously loved you enough to hang with you for a long life…even if it WAS for the pheasant and caviar cat food. Condolences.

  4. So sorry about your loss. In my next life I want to come back in as your cat. Pheasant and caviar YUM!

  5. Thanks guys.Fred…Heraldo’s right. The vet thought he had liver disease but we’re not completely sure as I wasn’t about to put a 17-year-old cat through exploratory surgery. It was a very quick but painful illness, and I’m glad he’s not suffering any longer.Hitch was my constant companion for the last 15 years. It’ll be lonely without him.

  6. Oh I’m so sorry to hear about Hitch. He always wanted to be right in your lap and if you didn’t feed him, look out. Constant meowing until he got the fresh stuff. He was the ultimate foodie.Hugs,K

  7. While it probably isn’t much of a problem out in your neck of the woods, Kristabel, many people don’t know that weed and feed is particularly toxic to cats because they consume it when grooming. We almost lost our beloved cat from exposure from a neighbor’s lawn. If you do use pesticides, (please don’t) please don’t let your cats or dogs into the area until you are sure it has all been absorbed.

  8. <>Why does Heraldo know so much about you Kristabel?<>You see, anonymous, Heraldo works for the NSA. He knows just as much about you. He just finds me more interesting.

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