In Case You Haven’t Noticed…

there’s a wee bit of Spring Fever happening at Chocolate Covered Xanax. Or maybe it’s just me. Regardless, the best way to celebrate the beginning of spring was the Wet Spots funny, sexy, smart, bawdy, completely fantastic show last night at the Arcata Playhouse.

You might remember my love of their catchy little song “Do You Take It.”

They now have a new video, so if you missed last night’s show, you can enjoy this song right here. This one’s still not for you delicate folks. Seriously.


10 responses to “In Case You Haven’t Noticed…

  1. H, you would have to see the show.<>Texas Annie<><>Toes<>Bumble Bee and K-bel laughing so hard, and Mr. Pat quietly enjoying the show. Of course, our precious little Pancake upstaging Cass and John. We forgot to warn the Wet Spots that a bigger Diva was in the audience.Well K-bel, I now have Wet Spots ring tones!!!

  2. Oh please let me be the “Do You Take It” girl.I mean on the phone.Um, I mean on your phone. You know what I mean.

  3. <>swoosh!<>Do you hear that? It’s the sound of the sharp steel blade of the machete slicing through the air.Don’t worry, though, Boy. These days it’s aiming for me.

  4. Hilarious, and oh so true. Now where is that delete history button on this computer again?

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