Did You Hear That?

Date: Jan 23, 2008

Place: Small town beauty parlor

Time: 3:30pm

A late twenty something woman (I’ll call her Liz) sits in the parlor chair getting her hair coiffed by an early twenty something girl (let’s call her Frenchy). They continue to talk loudly while Frenchy back combs the hell out of Liz’s highly gelled and sprayed strands of DNA.

Liz: You know, I used to be a hair stylist too.

Frenchy: Really?!? Oh my God…NO WAAAAYYYY!

Liz: Yah, I would get sooooo stressed out that I would go home and cry. But then I got a higher calling.

Long Pause……… (wait for it….)

Frenchy: Like what??

Liz: Oh, now I’m a real estate agent.


13 responses to “Did You Hear That?

  1. Ha ha ha…hee hee….real estate…Ker…I’m so glad you posted this…for a couple of different reasons. I’ll see you next week – look out Portland!xoxoxo

  2. Wow…zipped right by “used car sales” to real estate. That’s the sign of a status seeker for sure.

  3. If I were Frenchy, I’d “higher calling” Liz. She’d be having bad hair days for a month. Gad, insulting the person who is working on your hair is akin to insulting your surgeon just before she slips in the knife.

  4. Damn….where do I go to take my Boards? Wait, I can’t decide….Board of Cosmetology or Board of Real Estate.

  5. Keri, You ripped our hearts out with the news of the Christmas stike, then we never heard how it turned out. Are you still okay?

  6. Oh, that was so sweet of you to ask! It was a bad time for us for a while. The strike was settled after about 4 weeks. Nobody really won out of it but at least Burt is back at work. And, like the aftershock of most strikes, things have not returned to normal. The management has turned into Nazi officers and the workers are not so sure if they are happy to be back. At least a paycheck came in this month! Thanks again for asking and I’m sorry if I left you hanging.xoxoK

  7. See? I told you they’d be back.Eko and Sweet A…Keri was just lamenting about how you two had all but disappeared. I told her you were just waiting for a post not revolving around alcohol and shameless flirtation.

  8. I am waiting for the OG to come in here and say:“So, you are now into Real Estate Agents and Hair Stylists?”This post by Keri is a nice change of pace. Eko, let me know what Boards you take, we can form a study group.-boy

  9. LMAO!!!! “Higher Calling” Really?Honestly, what can be more fulfilling than coiffing the head of someone. YOU have the ultimate power there. I’m with Kym. Frenchy should have Bitch Haired her and then Liz could have explained how she could have done is SOOOOO much better.Whatever.

  10. <>I’m with Kym. Frenchy should have Bitch Haired her and then Liz could have explained how she could have done is SOOOOO much better.<>That was funny. Bitch hair! -boy

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