Crush Update

You might remember my mad crush on the sweet but troubled Number 24-08.

It seems that some bull has stolen her heart and made an honest heifer out of her.

Look, she’s a mom!

Does this mean she’s given up her hoodlum cow ways? I won’t know for sure until apple season.

25 responses to “Crush Update

  1. Hola Kristabel I’m home, had a lovely time. No problems with the Mexican Gestapo (federales) Only got a cursory search once in 3 stops :) Old sluts would make great drug runners. LOL

  2. Don’t worry, Heraldo, my crush on you is still intact and just as gigantic.Or was your “ahem” referring to something else?

  3. Jane! Hooray! I’m so glad you’re back – I’ve missed you!I’m jealous of your stealth ways but glad that you had a nice time. Any interesting stories to share?

  4. These two polar opposite suitors continue to intrigue and crack me up all at the same time…what’s your position on their contributions Kristabel?xoxoxoxo

  5. Jennifer and Boy…you’re probably right…the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree you know…hee hee

  6. Erin…you said position…hee hee hee….By the way…lunch with you was fabulous. I love the way you lick that spoon.xoxoxo

  7. Gulo Gordo went to Mexico too? I had a lovely time after adjusting to my house being robbed AGAIN. This time there wasn’t much to steal so they took all the electrical wires from the pole and inside my house. Thanks to wonderful local friends, we had electricity restored via long extension cords almost immediately and aside from the inconvenience of having to plug and unplug a lot, it wasn’t bad.

  8. Jane! Jane! Jane!Of course we knew you were out of the country. About the same time another reader in the Blogsphere went missing. Thus, that led to rampant speculation that maybe he was in Mexico with you. Here is the scoop from my blog:< HREF="" REL="nofollow">MIA<>

  9. An ethical slut doesn’t kiss and tell. If Gulo and Jane went on vacation together, one of them might not return. Has Gulo returned? :)

  10. Now why in hell would any self-respecting progressive wolverine go to Mexico in this season of schadenfreude? Not that I would not welcome the opportunity to show Ms. Doe the tattered remnants of savoir-faire acquired in youthful Continental diversions (ethical sluts are not so common as they once seemed, after all). Hmm. Now you mention it, maybe I should consider a little trip down as far as the border, see if we can get a little Gaza del Sonora thing going for the benefit of El Tigre and his homies. [If this leaves you confused, just press the “escape” key with your tongue a few times. You’ll be back in 1999 before you know it, wondering whether to vote for Nader.]

  11. Jane – so sorry about your house! Glad you were able to make the best of it. Must mean you need to have slutty blogger conventions down there much more often.Gulo – glad you’re back. I’ve had to fan myself while reading the Herald far less often since you left.

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