Did You Hear That?

DATE: January 11, 2008

An Arcata drinking establishment

TIME: 5:00 p.m.

A man and a woman are standing behind the counter at work chatting. The man is telling her about a trip that he will be taking for a first meeting with a person he met on the internet.

Man: I’m flying in to Gulfport, Mississippi on Saturday, so I called him up yesterday and asked him if he was going to pick me up from the airport.

Woman: Is he going to?

Man: Yeah. Then I asked him if he was coming alone, and he said, “I’m sure not gonna bring the missus with me.”

Woman: Oh my god! So….

Man: So yeah. You know it’s gonna happen. We’ll have the whole evening together, and we’re going to do things that are totally illegal – at least in the state of Mississippi.

17 responses to “Did You Hear That?

  1. Just being practical here, but, that seems like a long way to go. There’s no one closer to have a fling with? This is so foreign to me, “meeting”someone like that. I don’t like to see anyone, male or female, connecting with a person they only know online. It seems really unsafe. The mom in me, and the logical thinker says, “don’t do it!”.

  2. People have been known to travel great distances for love – among other things.My friend just met someone in person for the first time who she met online. He flew out for the holidays from the midwest. It worked out well, and they’re already planning the next time they’re going to see each other.I don’t believe it’s any more dangerous to meet someone online than it is to meet them in any other way as long as you’re smart and safe about it. (I’m talking about adults, of course.) People can lie in person just as well as they can through a computer. I think that the majority of people who are meeting on the internet are honest. The nice thing is that you can get to know someone without the distraction or worry of physical appearance.

  3. I totally disagree. I want to look someone in the eye and hopefully have some other connection (know someone who knows them) before going off alone somewhere with a person. I think this is a bad practice- meeting people long distance, and I hope my kids don’t do that. To each their own…

  4. Yep, dishonesty sucks.But this was not meant to be a judgment about these folks. I’ve no idea what their situations really are – just an interesting observation about the things people will talk about – loudly and in public.

  5. People are so much fun to listen to! I am am amazed each and every day. One of my kids writes down quotes – amusing things people say. Fun stuff!

  6. I think You’re just as likely to meet dangerous creepy freaks online as you are in any other walk of life at work at church or even at the neighborhood watch meeting.

  7. I no longer have an opinion about meeting people on the ‘net. I must have lost it (my opinion) somewhere in the greater Riverside Area.-boy

  8. Some people spend their money on poodle grooming and urban assault vehicles; some people spend it on plane tickets for illicit sex in the bible belt. We all get our kicks in different ways, no?

  9. Gee, Mr. Missouri, I was trying to be subtle and not out you and Bumblebee, but it looks like you went ahead and did it to yourself.Anyway, come back. Hitchcock misses you. xoxo

  10. You crack me up…So anyway, when are you going to come to Fieldbrook for some cavorting in the forest?xoxoxo

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