Deep breath in…deep breath out. Focusing on my happy place where I feel loved and safe.

After a holiday flurry of shopping malls, bank card overdraft fees and my big girl pants pinching me in the waist, I can finally take a moment and breathe. It’s OK, you can do it too. RELAX PEOPLE. The worst is over.
Today we woke up, looked out the window and saw the above picture out our front door. It’s amazing the calm that a good snow brings. It’s like the Creator’s way of breaking out the bottle of white out and going to town on a messy world.
I wish we all had a big bottle of white out for the screw-ups in our lives. I know the first thing I would erase…my ex-husband. Then my husband’s ex-wife. Then my job and those pesky neighbors that know too much of our business. A couple of lawyers would be gone too. The war and those stupid holi “duh” car commercials. Oh yeah, and snotty family members who think they are more cultured and better than the rest of us.
Uh hummm. Sorry, Dad’s famous Tom and Jerry mix with rum and brandy is starting to kick in.
Well, here’s to the New Year and fresh starts. And here’s to my new sock monkey flannel pj’s with the elastic waist. It happens to be my new apparel for the next few days.

Nothing says sexy slut like flannel sock monkeys. Am I right boys?

13 responses to “Ahhhh….snow.

  1. You’d be even sexier and sluttier with big fuzzy matching slippers!I think I’m going to use my Target card courtesy of Grandpa P. for my own set…then I can sit on the couch this weekend drinking something warm and alcoholic and pretend you’re there with me in matching pajamas laughing, singing ABBA, eating, talking smack about people….all the fun stuff.I miss you!Did you guys make a snowman?

  2. <>And here’s to my new sock monkey flannel pj’s with the elastic waist. <>What does that say about me? Last Christmas, my daughter bought me those very same sock monkey pajamas from Target. And yes, I do wear them. Of course, I do have one of those weird collecting fetishes where I collect monkey things. Some people it’s frogs. Some people, it’s penquins. Me, it’s monkeys.

  3. Eko,It says you’re a sexy slut too!xoxoKNope, no snowman. That would mean we would have to go OUT in the cold and work. Too much trouble! Plus my hot alcohol would get cold.xoxoxo

  4. While not necessarily missing the snow, I can appreciate the whitewashing of imperfections to which you refer. When you woke, did you “hear” the snow? I could always tell when I was lying there that there was snow. I’m not sure if it was the crunching of tires as cars drove down the road or just the muffled ambient noise but….snow has a sound.

  5. When I first read your post, I read it like “a big bottle of white” as in white <>wine<>. And then I paid more attention to detail.You two seem to have the best booze recipes. Can you share the Tom and Jerry’s?(And Happy 2008!)

  6. Snow has a quiet about it. Everything is silent, until you start hearing sounds like the crunching tires, snow falling off branches, and snowplows, kids playing. That’s if you sleep in too long. I love waking up to the quiet and muffled world of snow. In the middle of the night sometimes I remember the sound of a giant snow slab suddenly sliding off the roof and onto the deck. Then the door is kind of blocked. It does coat and quiet all evils for the time being. Nice blogsite! Anony.Miss

  7. This recipe has been in my family for a long time. It’s not for the calorie counters!6 eggs separated6 pounds of powdered sugarBeat egg whites adding pwdr sugar till stiff. Fold the whites and yolks together and add 1 tsp vanilla. This makes a thick dough. Keep refridgerated until used.Heat up whole milk till nice and hot (not boiling) and Tom and Jerry mix at about 1/2 milk to 1/2 mix. Having a heated mug helps keep it toasty.Stir until slight foam on top. Sprinkle with nutmeg.Then for the booze: add 1 jigger of rum and 1/2 jigger of brandy. Or less if you’re a light weight but same ratio.Ummmmm, yum!!xoxo,K

  8. Hey…yum, yum, yum!I’m trying to reach you! Did you get my message about Sally Jean? I just don’t want you to miss out!xoxoxo

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